Our Fleet

Our fleet offers reliable and comfortable helicopter models: Agusta A 109 C, Bell 206 JR II, Ecureuil AS 350, Robinson R22 and R44.

The safety of our vehicles is our priority, flying always and only in full compliance with current safety regulations.


The AgustaWestland AW109 (previously A109) is an eight-seat twin-engine multi-role helicopter, designed in Italy by Agusta (merged in 2000 into AgustaWestland) and marketed since the 1970s.
The civilian version of the A109 is available in the Power, Élite with luxury fittings and Grand with extended cabin.
It is the ideal vehicle for short and medium range travel in complete comfort and speed.


The Agusta-Bell 206A is a five-seat light single-turbine helicopter in standard configuration. The main rotor is of the two-bladed, semi-rigid type, with a hub mounted on a rocker suspension fitted with metal blades.
The small size of this medium and its handling and practicality of driving allow a high comfort during the movements.
This type of helicopter is ideal for tourist and panoramic flights.


AS350 Écureuil, is a light single-engine turbine-powered utility helicopter designed by the French company Aérospatiale which became part of the Eurocopter group in January 1992. There is a version for the US market, powered by a Lycoming turbine and marketed under the name AStar.
This type of helicopter is usually used for tourist flights, passenger transport and aerial work.


The R-22 is a light helicopter equipped with a two-blade semi-rigid rotor and a two-blade tail rotor. The structure of the helicopter is made of welded chrome-molybdenum steel tubing. At the front of the structure there is a two-seat side-by-side fiberglass and aluminum cockpit with a large Plexiglas window.

At the rear the tail beam, the horizontal and vertical stabilizers are entirely made of aluminium.

This type of helicopter is ideal for training flights.


The R44 is a light helicopter equipped with a two-blade semi-rigid rotor and a two-blade counter-rotating tail rotor.
The structure is made of welded chrome-molybdenum steel tubes on which is mounted a cockpit with four seats side by side on two rows, made of fiberglass and aluminum with a large plexiglass window.

The version normally produced provides for landing skids or alternatively two floats for the hydro versions.